Monday, June 11, 2012


The summer has been kind of strange for me so far.  After so much work at Reed and so much adventure to be had through France, I'm kind of unsure what to do with myself now.
I mean, I want to do something.  I don't respond well to too much downtime - I go a bit insane.  And I have stuff to do - theory and piano - but not really enough.  The obvious thing would be to get a job, but that's easier said than done.
It's a strange feeling, this lethargic uneasiness.  Hopefully I'll find something to do and it will go away.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello, blog readers!  It's been quite a while, no?
I got home a couple weeks and have been catching up on much-needed sleep and seeing my family as well as my beloved Cambridge once again.
I am also playing more and more music now, taking piano lessons again!  In college, playing the piano was a way for me to de-stress, to get a little bit of a break from my schoolwork and the constant social life that living in the dorm turns out to be, but now I actually want to pursue it.  I have a fantastic teacher, Eyran Katsenelenbogen, and am actually learning how to properly play again.  It's fantastic.
Have a lovely day!