Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little stressed

End of term here is stressful.  More so than last term - I'm not entirely sure why, but this time around everything seems a bit more final, and everything is creeping up at exactly the same time.  A week from tomorrow the three-day end-of-year festival that is Renn Fayre starts (it'll be my first one!) and until then my life is PACKED.
It's okay, though.  All the work I'm doing - my ten-page humanities research paper on faith in Mark and Corinthians, playing the piano for a friend's composition in his final concert, the Mozart Requiem, the biology midterm - all of this is work I'm excited for.  Well, maybe not the bio midterm, but the rest.  I love the singing, the playing music in front of people is totally nerve-wracking, and the paper makes me think critically about Christianity and religion and history in a way that I find very valuable.
I know I haven't been posting much at all this term, and I'm really really sorry, but I promise that is going to change soon.  Reading week is coming up, and in between Seneca and Molière, I will find time to post.  Until then, thank you, and please be patient with me.

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