Monday, November 15, 2010

Other people do this too, right?

My family plays a kind of game on Sunday mornings.  My parents and I do the crossword, but somewhere in the depths of the Sunday New York Times is.... the Travel section.  And the Modern Love essay in the Style section, but that's less important.  The Travel section fuels our wanderlust in a way that little else on New England November Sundays can.  At the bottom of the first page are about six places, and we all choose which one we'd like to go to.  Yesterday it went like this:
Options: Japan, Angkor, Istanbul, Kutna Hora (Czechoslovakia), Newcastle, Brazil
Caleb: Istanbul
Ursula: Istanbul
Daddy: Istanbul and/or Angkor
Mum: abstain (in Berlin, so she can't really say anything)
Me: Angkor
To be clear, even on days when Istanbul isn't mentioned in the paper, it's a big deal in our house.
What about you guys?  Out of those six options, where would you like to go?

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