Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sorry about not posting!  Yesterday I was a little under-the-weather and I didn't have time over the weekend....
About that - the weekend.  Usually I don't have very exciting weekends (Ursula goes to choir, church, etc), but this weekend was pretty amazing.  Since Caleb doesn't have school until Thursday, we had the whole weekend free to  do whatever we liked instead of conforming it to a homework schedule.
Friday night Caleb went to a dance so the four of us went out to dinner at a nice restaurant (I can't say where lest Caleb reads this and is angry) and then watched a very interesting movie - Before the Rains.  Have you seen it?  It's about India in the thirties... Parts of it are well done and others just aren't believable at all.
On Saturday, we went to climb Mount Cardigan in New Hampshire.  It was freezing cold, and we only got up Firescrew (the mountain next to Cardigan that you have to climb as well) before it started getting a little dark and more than a little chilly.  We should have been expecting this (you know, almost November and in the mountains and all), but there was ice all along the creases in the rock and once we got above tree line, it began to snow.  I was excited - the first snowfall of the year!  I love the snow and wintertime in general, and it was so beautiful looking across the valleys from the top of the mountain, even though all the leaves had changed and fallen already.
On Sunday - Hallowe'en! - we went out into the countryside to go apple picking, which we try to do at least once a year.  We always go to the same place - Phil's Orchard in Harvard - and then go hiking at the Oxbow reserve afterwards.  Then it was home for us and getting ready for Hallowe'en!  The four of us (my parents, Caleb, and me) watched the house while Ursula went trick-or-treating with her friends.
Since my father's birthday is Hallowe'en, we celebrate the next weekend.  We're making cassoulet, I think, and pumpkin bread pudding....

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