Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes I pretend to be a grownup....

... And weirdly, most of the time people don't notice.  For example, I've learned reasonably quickly that you can bypass all of the standing in line at the hospital by looking harried and making a beeline for the elevators.  This happens elsewhere, too - waiting for the T, in coffeeshops, anywhere really.  Maybe it's dressing like a grownup (also known as stealing your mother's clothing).  Maybe it's just pretending.
Also, it makes one feel like a fraud.  I was meeting with a woman the other day who thought that I was taking a gap year between college and medical school.  Nevermind that I'm not sure I want to go to medical school.  But I am seventeen years old and apparently I look like I have my life planned out.  What?

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