Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barcelona and Beyond

Today my darling brother leaves for a two-month stay in Barcelona.  It's weird (and sounds silly, I know), but I thought that the first part of my break would go by a lot slower.  Instead I get important phone calls about exciting new progressions with certain boys from my best friends at college, almost no work done on my Cicero paper or my lab report, and now it's Thursday, the day that Caleb leaves.
He's going to go live with the girl who now definitely counts as a family friend, the girl who lived with my family the first two months of the autumn term.  He's going to get to go visit Paris and walk through the streets where we used to live, take coffee at tiny outdoor tables and people watch on Rue Daguerre or Rue de Turenne.  I am incredibly jealous - as much as I love my life at college, my desire to travel has in no way left me - and at the same time I'll miss him a ton.
Now instead of a three-hour time difference, we'll have a nine-hour one, but it will somehow be okay.
Caleb, darling, I'll miss you!

(the Casa Milà, in Barcelona, drawn by the incredible Zeljko Toncic, from here)

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