Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who's Feeling Young Now?

Last night Gracie, one of my best school friends, and I went to go see the Punch Brothers at the Wonder Ballroom.  I think I've already talked about how brilliant the Punch Brothers are, but this concert....
Man, this concert was incredible.  The stunningly talented Aoife O'Donovan opened for them, singing, among other things, her songs "Red And White And Blue And Gold" (the most summery song I've heard in quite some time, reminiscent of New England beaches and long Tennessee nights by the lake) and another original song, "Beekeeper."
The Punch Brothers were on tour to promote their new album, "Who's Feeling Young Now?"  "Who's Feeling Young Now?" has a different mood than Antifogmatic - the songs are somehow a little more rhythmic almost, with a little more edge.  "Patchwork Girlfriend" is somewhere between quite funny and almost too close to home, "No Concern of Yours" is a little angry or bitter but quite poignant, "Hundred Dollars" is beautifully cruel, and "Soon or Never" is beautiful and quiet and true.  I could go on - tell you about the song "Who's Feeling Young Now?" and the quiet and lovely "Clara" and "Don't  Get Married Without Me," which contains the lovely line "Let's not fool ourselves, 'cause we aren't cowards, we aren't liars, we're just two people who are not in love... right now."
When I first heard the album, honestly, I was unsure.  In my defense, "Antifogmatic" might be my favourite album in the history of, well, ever - and hearing something from the Punch Brothers that was definitely different was kind of a shock.  But on hearing it in concert and spending more time with the record, I'm convinced.  It might (might) even eclipse "Antifogmatic" as my favourite record.
At the concert I went to last night, Aoife O'Donovan and Chris Thile (with help from the other Punch Brothers) performed their song "Here and Heaven" from the Goat Rodeo Sessions (another incredible album with incredible people that I cannot recommend enough).
This is one of the few (maybe the only band) whose concerts I go to with absolute elation.  This time around, I knew almost every word to every song and Gracie and I stood at the very front, leaning our elbows on the sold-out stage.  These guys are going to get incredibly famous sometime very soon, and it will be harder and harder to see them in small venues.  So go, while you still can.  Seriously.
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