Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gap Year Glory

This is not where I'm going.... yet
Unlike the rest of my friends (well, most of them), I’m waiting a year before heading off to college.  This is partially because I’m young for my grade, and partially because I want to see the world and get a chance to figure things out before I cross the country and leave my family behind for a dorm room and classes.  This also means I have more time on my hands – time to read some of this and watch some of this and spend time with my family before going away.  It’s also pretty cool to be out in the real world and away from the type-A world of college preparatory school.  Right now I’m taking a class at the Harvard Extension School, volunteering with this group and soon I’ll be working with these guys.   I’m pretty excited, but it’s also definitely weird to be out of school and all by myself for the first time ever.  Haere mai.  
(image via the Reed website)

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