Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!

My parents in Thailand...
In Africa...

Today is my parent’s twenty-first wedding anniversary.  Pretty cool, right?  They forgot about it for a while, so they didn’t go out to dinner or anything.  Instead we had apples with sage and pork roast… it was yummy. 
            My parents met in college, and got to know each other on a philosophy exchange trip to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  After that, they worked in refugee camps in Thailand, hiked in the Himalayas north of Srinagar, lived with their friends in houses in Vermont and in Boston, and wrote each other love letters from around the world.  A little while ago I found a letter my father wrote to my mother when she was living in Africa (it’s addressed to Nairobi, but I’m not sure if she was actually staying there or if that’s where her mail went) and he was living here in Cambridge.  It’s kind of amazing to see that they were still in love twenty or thirty years ago…
            Mommy and Daddy, your relationship is the one on which I base everything.  You are the two most in-love people I know, the most grounded relationship.  I love that you are still learning new things about each other after twenty-one years of marriage and three kids.  I know I can talk to you guys about anything and you’ll understand – I know that you can help me with anything.  You are both my rock and my open oceans… I love you guys.  

PS: I’m glad you had dinner with us

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