Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift Guide, Part VI: your incredible brother who makes Moroccan food and plays the cello late at night

These are ideas for my younger brother (it would be silly to call him little given that he's got almost a foot on me), who speaks Spanish fluently, rides his bike even in the snow, makes delicious muhamara, and plays Chopin heartbreakingly beautifully.  Caleb, don't read this!
A cookbook from one of the best restaurants in the world, $31.50

A gentleman's knife for the kitchen, since my brother is most definitely a gentleman, $79.95

Or leather-and-wool gloves so that his hands won't freeze when he bikes to school, $50

Do any of you have ideas for teenage boys who do everything a million times better than you ever could, who bike and play three instruments and have been reading the Greeks since grade school?  Let me know in the comments, as always.

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