Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Guide, Part VIII: your father who listens to more music than anyone, who drives a red vanagon, and is pretty much the coolest person around

These are ideas for my father.  My father likes receiving "music we're listening to" and history books, and shirts from REI.  My friends think that he's so very amazing, and so do the rest of us.  He hikes with us and goes for long bike rides, knows basically all the Grateful Dead songs as well as all of Ravel's string quartets, and lights fires in the wood stove for us in the morning.  Daddy, don't look!
A Jason Mraz album, because that's a lot of what I've been listening to recently, $12.99

Palestine, a graphic novel about the conflict in the middle east, $14.89

My father is really, really hard to get presents for, so if any of you have any ideas at all, please please please let me know!  He is my most challenging recipient....

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