Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's practically here!

Well, not yet, but Christmas is very very close!  I'm super-excited.  Presents to the relatives have been sent off to New Zealand and Vancouver and Tennessee, and we have picked up our goose at Savenor's.  The King's College choir is singing "In The Bleak Midwinter," there is snow in the garden, and the Christmas tree is full of lights.  I'm almost ready.
My brother (you know, the cooking enthusiast) is making our Christmas Eve dinner - a mix of Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Turkish, and French influences (I believe.  It's sometimes hard to know with him.), and I have the ingredients for our figgy pudding.  It's the first time we're trying it, and I'm very excited.  Mine will be made with ginger and saffron and vanilla on top of, you know, figs and whatever else goes in.
Tonight I'm having dinner with Mike's family (and I can give him his present!), and I'll probably be offline for tomorrow and the next day at the very least.
Happy Christmas, everyone!  Enjoy your holiday and your snow (if you have snow) and your carols.  Eat delicious food in front of the fire, wake up at seven and bounce on your parents' bed, and get dressed up.  Sing.  Have fun!  And tell me all about it after.

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