Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately!  This week is kind of hectic - I leave for college on Friday!  I'm excited - very very excited - but I'm also scared.  I love my family and we're very close, and the idea of being away - of not having dinner with them every night or dancing with my sister to Earth Wind and Fire in the living room - makes me get a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach.  One of the great things about being in Paris was that I was in Paris with them, that together we sampled croissants from different bakeries and visited museums and took pictures of lions.  And now I'm going off to college - a whole new and exciting world - alone.
That said, I don't have that much time to worry.  I have to pack and visit my friends and tomorrow the lovely Alexandra and I are going shopping - what do you think a new freshman needs?
Thanks again for your incredible patience!


  1. Hi Bronwyn,

    Much luck with going off to college, hope all will go well for you.

    Happy week

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  3. Hi Bronwyn,

    This is Jen over from The Six Word Novel. You've won the copy of 'Blueeyedboy' from the Joanne Harris interview. :) Congrats!

    Could you email me your address [], and I'll post it out to you?

    Jen x