Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day

Today is my first day of classes as a college student.  I got up early here in Portland, and now there is mist on the canyon and at nine sharp the entire freshman class will be sitting in the lecture hall, ready to start Humanities 110.
I am finally going to be a grownup.  LIke in high school, I will be held accountable for my work and my actions by those around me, but now I have the Honor Principle (look it up but I might talk about it sometime soon) making sure that I do what is right and kind and honorable, and my friends (new friends, but still, quite close, the same kind of geeky people) to talk it through with.  Today I will sit in my first lecture class of the year to talk about the Greeks (hopefully Drew will have saved me a seat) and something - I don't know what - will happen.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm even expecting.  But I'm a college student now - hello, world!

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