Friday, August 26, 2011

Dorm Room Extravaganza

Exactly a week ago (plus a couple hours), I moved into my dorm room.  That night, since none of my sheets had arrived and my sleeping bag was with the rest of the backpacking stuff, I slept under an alpaca poncho that my mother had brought me back from Peru, a giant suitcase standing in the middle of the floor.  I returned on Tuesday, and my parents saw it for the first time.  We had different opinions.
I remembered the Cross-Canyon dorms at Reed from my first visit as a high school senior - full of light and brick walls, and Chittick (my dorm) nestled into the hillside above the lake.  My parents saw the room at night, with ugly artificial light and no furnishings.  I believe my mother really thought that I was moving into a prison cell.
Since then, my parents went into overdrive.  Plants, curtains, a bookshelf, a rug.... I still need more pictures on the wall (the poster is one I pulled off of a wall in Paris after the gallery show was over and they no longer needed the advertisements).
Since I am an idiot and forgot the cord that connects my digital camera to my computer, please accept these awful cell phone pictures of my bedroom.  Given that I've spent less than a week in here, I'm quite happy with it (one of my dormies described it as "walking into a forest of cool."
When you were in college (or if you are), how did you decorate your dorm room?

(Are two of those of the same space?  Kind of.  Dorm rooms are small.  Pictures by me.)

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  1. adorable! (said in a French accent)
    je l'aime bien, mon amie et tu me manques!