Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Figuring It All Out

It's hard to make sure that you see everyone important in the last couple days at home.  I want so badly to see the friends I haven't seen in ages, to spend hours talking and engaging in the kind of intellectual banter that makes me smile, but I also want to lie on the couch in our dark living room where it always smells slightly of woodsmoke and read 'The Perilous Gard' for like the fiftieth time.  I want to go running by my river and spend hours on the phone and in person with Kuzu and pack my suitcases with all the things I'll need for college, but I want to sleep in beneath my skylight knowing that these next two nights are the last nights I'll sleep here for quite some time.
So to those of you who haven't seen me at all or enough, to my father who has had to deal with my clothes strewn around the front hall, I'm sorry.  I'm still figuring it out.
(Photo from Apartment Therapy)

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