Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Apology

On Wednesday for humanities we talked about the Apologia, which, while it was interesting and important and raised a ton of questions about what matters and what is just and when authority is important, also reminded me that I should apologise.
I've not been posting much at all this past week.  It's been the first week of classes, and I've been bogged down in work that I want to do - that I love.  It's my first time really properly choosing a class that isn't a requirement, and JS Bach is changing my life, step by step.  I'm even enjoying biology thanks to the incredible lecturer, and we're reading Maupassant in French.  Life is great - it's just a lot of work, and the university I attend requires a strong sense of discipline and a strong work ethic.  Reed makes you work - it makes you love to work and it makes you compete with your friends about who has the most to do, but I love it.  I go to classes I want to take more than anything, so this week I haven't really been posting because I'm not focused on anything in the future or onwards.  I'm focused on being present, on losing myself in music and in Plato and in French comedy.
I hope everyone's had a lovely week thus far.

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