Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello World

Today I am nineteen years old.
It feels strange to type that, just like it was strange to wake up in the electric-blue gloaming morning light of New England to hear my family singing me "happy birthday" and bringing me breakfast in bed.  It's strange to check facebook and see a whole bunch of people writing on my wall.
Part of me wants this to be an exceptional day, a day where everything goes right.  But the rest of me is so happy with how it is right now.  I am sitting at our kitchen table, attempting bits of yesterday's crossword, emailing my friends, talking to my mother, who is working from home.  I have played a little bit of the piano (and failed).  I have not unpacked.
Today does not need to be filled with untold wonders and great surprises that make your heart sing.  It can be filled with charmingly domestic moments, like figuring out 105-across (Pass flying colors) and texting your best friends and Bach preludes.  And mostly, it's about being around my family.
Later today my darling friends (Kuzu and Mike and Edo and Alexandra) will come for dinner and I am ever so excited to see them.
Have a lovely day, everyone!

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