Friday, January 20, 2012

Wanderlust: Camping Edition

I'm not sure why, but on this morning, looking at the drizzle and the cold outside my bedroom window, I want to go camping.  Every year my family spends a week in Acadia National Park, camping in Mount Desert Campground, right on Somes Sound.  We bring our kayaks and explore the sound and the islands some afternoons, hang hammocks between the trees and lie out across the rocks and the sea, reading "One Hundred Years Of Solitude."  We bike the carriage roads and hike Mt Penobscot (every year!) and visit the Azalea Gardens.
This past year, I didn't get to go.  I was at college, but I missed it.  I missed waking up in cold Maine mornings to bacon and hot chocolate from Swiss Miss packets in plastic camping mugs.  I missed singing around the campfire with my family every night.  I missed that one restaurant in town with the toy trains circling the walls.  So on this rainy January weekend, right before I start my classes, I would like to go back to August, to kayaking and hikes and woodsmoke...
Happy weekend, everyone.

(photo from here)

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