Monday, January 9, 2012

Lovely New York Weekend

Hi guys!
Last night I got back into South Station, courtesy of the Fung-Wah bus (which I was a little nervous about - a friend once regaled me with horror stories) just in time to attempt the crossword with my family at about ten-thirty.  I had an incredible weekend in Park Slope, Brooklyn with the incredible G, and these are some of the things we did:
We went to the lovely Café Regular du Nord, a coffeeshop that reminded me so much of Paris I almost cried...

We walked in the beautiful Prospect Park....

(It didn't look like this because it was winter, but still... via)

We ate (and spoke French at) Moutarde...

And did tons of other things, like walk the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and cross the bridge and see Madison Avenue with all the shops.  

Thank you, G, for an incredible weekend!

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