Monday, May 2, 2011

April Holiday: Morocco: Tetouan and Tangier

We arrived in Tetouan in the rain - a town near the coast where we were obviously the only tourists in the town (maybe ever).  From what we could tell, it's not a very popular tourist destination, but it's beautiful and real, and we spent an enjoyable hour or two wandering the medina and peeking into antique shops (we eventually bought a 1930s candelabra thing).  From Tetouan it was back to Tangier.
If Fes is the heart of the Morocco that I saw, the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place that it would take years to know the street names, let alone understand the city, Tangier is a little more like the Isabella Stewart Gardener in Boston.  It's little and intimate and really quite beautiful - somewhat confusing but you'll figure it out in maybe a month or two.  But it was only a quick night at Riad Tanja (La Tangerina, sadly, was closed) where we had an incredible meal and then up the next morning to take the ferry to Spain for five days....

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