Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Holiday: Spain: Cordoba (flamenco)

On Saturday night, we went to see a flamenco performance as kind of a last hurrah in Spain.  We generally go to see flamenco once a year in Boston at places like the Wang Theatre or the Opera House, but this place was different.  A long room with tables meant that although we were close to the back of the room, we were closer to the action than we'd ever been before.  And it was incredible.
First a woman and a man danced together, then a woman alone, then four women together, and then the man came back alone.  I love flamenco - my darling sister used to take classes at the Dance Complex - and these guys were good.  Hair up, long ruffly skirts, poise... it's such a cool art form.  Way more sensual than ballet, and watching it in Cordoba was magical.
The next day we drove up to Madrid and home to Paris!
Have you seen flamenco?  What did you think?
(photo from here)


  1. Yes, love flamenco dancing! IT's so sensssuaaal! Hahaha! Good to know of the theatres in Boston where we can catch the dance. Sounds like you're living it up in Spain!

  2. Yes, exactly!
    It also just seems so evocative of the culture, you know?