Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Budapest and Beyond!

Tomorrow I leave at some early hour for Orly and then to Budapest to meet the amazing Alexandra for our trip 'round the world (well, Europe).  I'm incredibly excited, but in that excitement is the scariness of leaving my family for more than three weeks and the challenge of fitting all my stuff in a carry-on bag.  However, The Hairpin (one of my favourite websites ever) recently featured a question thing on how to pack and what to pack for a Europe trip much like ours.  While I might not be packing any rompers and skorts because, um, I don't own any (my little sister does - maybe I can borrow hers?  Probably not), I am taking skirts and tank-tops and my one pair of shorts with me, and hoping to God that this limited wardrobe will last me this long without getting stained or torn or otherwise destroyed.  Also, you can wash things in foreign cities, right?
Guys - posting will be somewhat erratic for the next three weeks but I'll be back with pictures and happiness and a whole lot of stories.
Alexandra - see you tomorrow!


  1. Hi Bronwyn,

    Have a wonderful trip and look forward to hearing about it and maybe seeing some photos.
    Yes, you can always do a little hand washing or visit a laundromat.

    Have fun

  2. Oh how fun!! Have a great time! And I'm sure you've packed everything and anything that you'll need. I always end up with too much on trips. Bon Voyage! Will miss you!