Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I'm Bad At

I'm really bad at being a girl, apparently.
Today an Englishman wanted to take a picture of my hair on the way back from class and I almost ran away.  Any other day would have been fine (that's not true), but today it was a jumble of uncombed hair tumbling down my back.  What was worse was the conversation we had about it.
Him: "So what do you use?"
Me: "Use?"
Him:  "Yeah, what colour?"
Me: "Colour?"
Him: "What company makes your hair colour?"
Me: "Um, genetics incorporated?  I don't know."
Him: "You mean you don't dye it?"
Me: "Um, no?"
Him:  "Oh.  Well, walk me through your hair care ritual."
Me: "Wash it, put conditioner in, braid it or not, and go out when it's dry.  Who are you again?"
Him:  "So what products do you use?"
Me:  "Shampoo.  And conditioner.  And can I go now?"
Him:  "What about volumizer?"
Me:  "Come again?"
Him: "Volumizer."
Me:  "They make that stuff?"
This went on for a while, and after he asked me what makeup I used and I said chapstick, I knew I was in a bad situation.  The thing is, my mother doesn't wear that much makeup or put things in her hair, and neither do most people I know.
Have you ever been in a situation where you just felt totally out of your league?
Also, random guy on the street, who were you?!
(photo from here, I think)

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