Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye, Ariel! And the Marais

Today was Ariel's last morning here in Paris.  We've had a hectic week of sight-seeing and card-playing and the like, and now she's headed back to Boston.  We visited my favourite places - the Rodin garden, Shakespeare & Co, Le Loir Dans Le Théière - and the things you kind of have to do - the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre - as well as hanging out with the family.
Last night we got all dressed up (who cares if it was Tuesday?) and went out for cocktails in the Marais.  The lovely thing about summer here is that the sun doesn't set until after nine and so the whole world smelled like summertime and the air was warm and balmy.  The Marais had its doors opening onto the streets and you could hear French and English and German and Japanese chattering through the windows and in the metro and across the Seine.  While I have to admit that summer isn't my favourite by a long shot, the warm weather and the outdoors-ness it inspires is kind of beautiful, no?

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