Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Happy Friday morning, dear blog readers!  It's been a lovely week here in Paris - and thank you for indulging my obsession to tell you all about my holiday.  It was really fun to relive it, but please please please let me know if I'm boring you and I'll change the subject.
It's also nice that we've had some sunshine in Paris this past week or so - it's chilly on my morning run, but as the day progresses dappled light shines through the tall pruned trees and the buildings make strange shadows.  It also means that in the flower shop below our apartment flowers that bloom in late spring at home - mid May to early June - are out in full force.  We bought gorgeous tree peonies for May Day and now they have the normal ruffly kind out, too!  I think that peonies might be my favourite flower - such a fragrant and elegant harbinger of warm weather, don't you think?
In other news, Mother's Day is on Sunday - I'll post a list of possible gifts later today.  Also, unrelated, after I finished Infinite Jest, I haven't been able to find much to read.  Any suggestions?
Thank you!  Have a lovely morning!
(photo from here)

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  1. Peonies are so fragrant. I also need something to read. I have 4 Hour Work Week...but that's about it. Hope you have a great weekend!