Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello from Vienna!

The lovely Alexandra and I have made it to Vienna - today the 21 days of our EuRail pass have started! Vienna is lovely and I can't believe the Baroque architecture, the thick chocolate, and the constant thrum of the city. When I think of Vienna I usually think of the pearl of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Beethoven and pastries, but it seems to be way more than that...
Tomorrow Alexandra and I are going to a concert and then onwards to Venice! A whirlwind of a trip, for sure, but so exciting!


  1. Hi Bronwyn,

    Oh you must be having an amazing time over there, maybe we might see some photos, that would be neat.
    Enjoy the concert and the rest of your whirlwind trip.


  2. Hi, Carolyn!
    We will post photos as soon as possible (currently we're using an iPad, which doesn't allow us to post photos), but rest assured that there are many and they'll be up soon! Hopefully Alexandra will post some from her phone soon....
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments!