Friday, July 29, 2011


Guys!  How clever is this?
Do you know about the Velib system in Paris?  It's bike sharing - you sign up for a year or whatever and then you can take out bikes when you need them and return them, etc.... it's a great idea.
Well, now Boston is doing it!  I'm so excited! (Like you couldn't tell from the exclamation points)
They talk about it here.
I'm so proud of my city!

(Velib photo from here)


  1. they have the same thing in spain!! such a good idea!

  2. Awesome! They used to do that at my college back in the day, but people got too disorganized with it. Love the idea! Hope they're cute haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  3. I love the velib', too. Wouldn't know what to do without it (stay at home? take the - gulp - metro?).

    Bravo to Boston for introducing a rental bike scheme, too. Please take some photos once it is up and running.