Friday, July 22, 2011

Wanderlust: Corsica Edition

There's a restaurant in the fifth called "Le Cosi" which serves food "provencial et corse."  For a couple minutes last year we thought that meant "coarse and provincial" but about a half-hour later we were proven wrong.  It was Corsican food (and food from Provence).  And it was delicious.
Earlier that summer, when we were living in Switzerland, I was considering attending a sailing camp (am I a nerd?  Yes) in Corsica, and I spent some enjoyable afternoons lying on the couch in Lausanne and daydreaming about sailing on the Mediterranean in ultra-sleek, ultra-cool catamarans.  I didn't end up going, but the daydreams didn't go away.
Since then, I've wanted to go to Corsica.  Is Garance a reason?  Perhaps.  But it's beautiful there - just look at the pictures!

Cities built into the cliffs....

Sunsets on the water...

And hiking and medieval villages inland!  What's not to love?
Have you been to Corsica?  What was it like?

(photos from here, here, and here)


  1. Corsica seems like such a nice and pretty place. I so do wanna go there.


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