Thursday, July 7, 2011


Guys.  Go read this.  It's one of the truest and sweetest things I've seen in a bit.
(The photo is of a park near the new apartment)


  1. I have now spent the last ten minutes (I'm sure it will be more) perusing the letters of note site. interesting stuff. I'm in a self-defeating state of mind at the moment but I can almost smell the end of it and this does help. I keep thinking of the recent studies of kids who play video games and learn that bizarre quality many of us have forgotten: persistance. they fight and die, fight and die, fight and die into the wee hours of the night and then finally win. I don't really play video games and I don't have that same persistance. everything for me seems to need a point whether it be to get the dishes done or to blearily get drunk to block out the need to do the dishes (to oversimplify a bit). perhaps my lack of persistance is simply that I just can't stay focused on that one thing to spend 10,000 hours perfecting. perhaps I need to keep fighting and dying again.

  2. Oh, I hate self-defeating states of mind! Feel better, and please persist!
    I don't play video games either, but I used to dance and ballet has the same sense of persist, persist, persist...
    Focusing on a point helps, no?
    Good luck!