Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Aftermath

We had a pretty huge snowstorm yesterday - huge enough to force trees into half-bent positions and to close down the entire city.  A snow day for my darling siblings, too!  In the past, when I have had snow days, a friend from high school and I would meet up somewhere and we would cook.  Occasionally it was just chocolate-chip cookies, but more often we made things like maple-cream pie with shortbread crust or phyllo-dough-wrapped brie with rosemary chutney.  For us, at least, on a day when our lives weren't ruled by studying and the train schedule - I would often not get home until eight - the freedom to laze about, bake, and occasionally get a head-start on our bio homework was pretty incredible, so we took as much advantage as we could.
Yesterday, though, when I left the house for a walk at about nine, I was one of the only people out.  It was still snowing pretty hard, and the only vehicles on the street were ambulances and empty MBTA buses.  The streets were pretty smooth by then, but they were covered with a ton of snow and rather slippery.  It continued to snow for most of the day, but as time passed the sky lightened from the dark grey and the flakes got smaller and gentler.
Today the sky is blue and everything is covered in snow.  It's a little blinding and quite cold, but I can't wait to walk through all of this to get to Grand Rounds and Clinic today.  The spirea bush is lying almost flat on the ground and we have friends without power all over the city, but it is still beautiful.  I love snowstorms, even the aftermath.  Even if it means that running won't be an option for a couple of days.
Other East Coast people, did you get a bunch of snow, too?  Were you snowed in or without power or was it lovely?  We've had our first blizzard of 2011!

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