Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday in review

Yesterday was my birthday!  Like I've said a million times now, I turned eighteen yesterday, and it was a wonderful, lazy Sunday.  My father made Eggs Benedict (my favourite!) for breakfast and we attempted the New York Times crossword together.  That night, my best friends and the family friend my parents jokingly call their foster daughter came over and we had an incredible meal of olive-encrusted chicken with fennel and tomato puree.  For dessert, instead of a cake, we made vanilla bean soufflé with ice-cream.
I am also now the proud owner of a whole bunch of books, including one that my little sister wrote for me, a shirt, a dress, a grey hat, a gorgeous scarf, and some other things (like chocolate and things to take to college and a woolen bag).  Thank you, Kuzu and Mike and Edo and family, for the wonderful birthday!  It was absolutely perfect!
Today, I went to the eye doctor to get a new prescription and found out that I had been wearing glasses and contacts that were far, far too weak.  I walked home admiring branches on trees and blades of grass.  Did any of you have that experience with leaves when you were kids and got glasses for the first time?  When you stuck your head out the window marvelling at the shape of leaves, how they weren't just gobs of greenery?  It was like that all over again.  I also now have lovely new glasses frames from Denmark.  How are you, though?