Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting ready for Paris

I fly to Paris a week from today!  By myself, even - Caleb will come and join me a couple days later from Marrakesh, and the rest of the family will come after that.  But the plane isn't really what's bothering me.  What's bothering me is what to pack.
Boston isn't known for it's sense of style as a city.  We dress for the weather.  You need pants that will fit inside snow boots, and layers that you can take off once you're in an overheated building.  It is freezing in the winter, muddy in the spring, humid in the summer, and glorious in the fall.  That's it.  So up until now, most of my wardrobe is sweaters and skirts.
But now we're moving to Paris.  Paris, the land of all things chic and lovely, where people get dressed up to take out the trash and wear scarves everywhere.  So... what do I pack?  Minimalist, I (think) I can do.  I've already packed away almost all of my clothes into storage, so there isn't any getting all of my t-shirts back now.  And, really, the only colour I wear is grey.  So we'll be okay there, right?  Maybe?  Oh, I have no idea, but I'm really excited!  I can't wait to run around the 14th and see all of the beautiful churches, drink café au lait out of bowls in little cafes with windows facing long parisian streets!   I want to buy warm baguettes in the morning and watch the city glow at night.  Part of me is really, really scared, but the rest of me can't wait to go!

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