Thursday, January 20, 2011

The New Yorker

Do any of you get the New Yorker?  I started reading it for Creative Non-Fiction in the fall of junior year, and then my parents got me a subscription for Christmas that year.  I love it.  Firstly, unlike fashion magazines, it's small enough to roll up and put in your pocket and it doesn't have as many ads.  Secondly (or thirdly), I feel like every time I look at an issue, I always find new things.  Little articles on restaurants or CDs, what it's like to live in Tomsk - anything.
This past New Yorker had a Talk of the Town by Hendrik Hertzberg - my favourite! - AND a longer piece by Dr Atul Gawande himself.  Dr. Gawande wrote one of my favourite books, "Complications," a book that I got one of my best friends for Christmas.  I was really really excited (it's hard to explain).  So - do you guys get the New Yorker?  Do you read it on the bus/train or at home or what?  Let me know!

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