Friday, January 14, 2011

The Punch Brothers

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Do you guys know who the Punch Brothers are?  Last night my brother had to study for his English exam (today - good luck, Caleb!) so he gave me his ticket to go see them at the Somerville Theatre.  And oh, my God, people: they are really really good.  Like, fantastic technical and creative musicians.  They play what some would call "Modern Bluegrass" and at one point the mandolin player, Chris Thile, came out and played the last movement of one of Bach's lute suites on the mandolin.  Because holy shit they're that good.
We have their record "Punch" and the record "Antifogmatic" - I highly suggest checking them out.  Growing up in a pretty musical family, technical excellence was really important, but so was creativity.  These guys have both.  They're just super-good, I promise.  Also, anyone who can act like a rock star while playing a mandolin - and then get up and play Bach - deserves to be commended.  Mr. Thile, I just want you to know that you're kind of my hero at the moment.  Thank you.

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