Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So I guess this is New England weather

It looks like we have another blizzard on our hands here.  And by "looks like" I mean that I went out a couple of hours ago and now my footprints are completely filled in.  We've had about six inches in two hours - that's a lot of snow, even for here.  Apparently it will turn to rain later on today, but it doesn't really look like it from my standpoint.  Yesterday my little sister and I went sledding... so I guess snow is good for some things, yeah?  And I know it's only January, but it's already starting to feel like winter is rather long.  Anyone else going stir-crazy in the snow?


  1. It seems like the New England area has been getting hit hard this winter. Here in Chicago, it hasn't been too bad with snow, but today was the coldest day in two years supposedly. Thanks for sharing!


    xo, Jay

  2. Oh, wow! Yesterday it was pretty chilly, too...
    It seems like we're getting a lot more snow than usual
    Stay warm!