Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Holiday: Morocco: Volubulis

I know, I should be going onwards from Fes towards Chefchaouen, like we did in real life.  But I forgot Volubulis, which we visited on our way from Meknes to Fes.
If you decide to visit Volubulis (which you should; it's incredible), wear sunscreen.  I'm not joking.  Even if you never burn, even if you're wearing a hat and spf clothing, even if you're like my mother and my little sister and were actually made to be in places like Morocco, wear sunscreen.  I reapplied like ten times and I still got burned.
Volubulis is an ancient Roman city in the hills between Meknes and Fes, and it was absolutely incredible.  Though we didn't see the entire thing (at its height I think it housed something like twenty thousand people)  what we did see was incredible.  Things like mosaics of Orpheus playing his lyre to all the animals, and bathouses, and ancient olive presses.  We walked down paved roads lined with pillars from two thousand years ago, and saw mosaics of the Myth of Acteon and Hercules' Trials.  We wandered into the forum (where they were filming some sort of low-budget Spanish film) and the basilica, and admired the Triumphal Arch and the House of the Columns.  Volubulis, abandoned in 1755 (though the Romans left in 280), was a beautiful city in a beautiful place.  Standing among the cypress trees in the House of Venus, hills of olive and wheat and poppies stretch to the bases of mountains.
In short, if you like history and ruins, you should definitely stop by Volubulis... I don't know, am I the only one who likes seeing how people used to live?  But I cannot stress this enough - wear sunscreen and drink water.  There is no shade.
Have you been to Volubulis or other Roman ruins?  What did you think?

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