Thursday, April 7, 2011


At four this afternoon, I take my French final exam.  It's three hours long and I guess I am in what could be called "a state" by some (like my mother.  I love you, Mommy!).
So, to make myself feel a little better, and to make you feel better, here is where I'd like to be, with maybe some tea and a novel (I can't decide between "Sometimes A Great Notion" or "The Bone People," books I've read before and love, or "Infinite Jest," which I'm in the middle of and also love...)
Where would you like to be this Thursday?
(photo from Marie Claire Maison)


  1. I hope your exam went well!

    Where I would have liked to be on Thursday was fencing practice, but unfortunately I was sick, so I was in my room instead, reading a Russian prison memoir and drinking tea with honey.

  2. It did go well, thanks!
    A Russian prison memoir?! What's that like?