Monday, April 25, 2011

Unrelated, but...

I recently finished Infinite Jest (Mike, my dearest, this is one book you actually have to read.  I give you full permission to read it before Complications) and Flavorwire released another one of their incredible Literary Mixtapes - this one featuring Hal Incandenza (or, if you're in the Orin camp like I am, Hallie).... check it out!  I think a lot of their choices are good ones, but I'd add a couple songs - "And She Was" by the Talking Heads (something I always thought was about detachment from one's body) and "Smatter" of off the Gnu High record (which I consider music for smart people, and who is smarter than our resident "lexical prodigy"?)


  1. This is one book I keep saying I'm going to read, and then don't. I really need to get on that...especially since you've just informed me there's a mixtape to go with it. I can never resist a good mixtape!

  2. Yes - it helped that it was one of two books I took on holiday with me, so I needed to concentrate. It also just draws you in pretty much immediately, and like you, I can never resist mixtapes!