Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Holiday: Morocco: Moulay Bousselham

The next morning, we packed up from Larache and headed down the coast to Moulay Bousselham, a small fishing village, and bird sanctuary - or so we thought.  After a morning of driving through beautiful farmland, we finally got to Moulay Bousselham - more an empty resort town in April than a fishing village.
We reached to village in the heat of the day, so we waited an hour or so to go out on a boat to see the flamingos and other birds in the bird sanctuary...
On a boat exactly like these ones.  
The bird sanctuary was amazing.  We saw ospreys and cormorants wheeling over most of the little sandpipers, and, thrillingly, a crowd of about five hundred flamingos sitting together.  
An afternoon swimming on a secluded beach only accessible by boat and liberal applications of sunscreen... until we packed up that night to drive onwards to Meknes....

(photos from here and here, respectively)

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