Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Holiday: Morocco: Meknes

Personally, I wouldn't suggest going to Meknes, but that was just my opinion.
Historically, it enjoyed one period of prominence when Moulay Ismail decided to build his imperial city - after his death, the capital relocated to Marrakesh.  Driving in, slightly sunburned from our day on the beach, we were greeted by an incomprehensible road system and, slowly, the dusty city rising from the tangle of highway.
It didn't help that the hotel we wanted to be at was full and we were relocated to a musty and cold (but overpriced) place - or that my darling brother was getting sick.  The next day, all of us feeling overheated and ill, we moved on in the next leg of our journey, to magical and old-as-time Fes....


  1. I have enjoyed reading about your trip.Moulay Bousselham looks lovely and must have been neat visiting the bird sanctuary.

    Sorry about the sunburn, overprice place to stay and you all feeling overheated and ill.
    Hope that the next leg is better.

    Happy week

  2. Oh, I promise it gets better! And thank you!