Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This is one of my favourite movies

picture from here.

Last summer, before I went to Switzerland, Kuzu and I had this thing that every Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday) we would get together and talk and watch movies and hang out before she went off to college and I went off to Europe and we didn't get to see each other as much.  It was a little ironic that the second I didn't have school anymore, she - who had been home-schooled - started having school (college, rather, way off in Pennsylvania).  Anyways, one of the first movies we watched was Whale Rider.
Those of you who have not seen Whale Rider, go out and see it.  It's now a little old - something like seven years old?  Maybe ten?  - but it's still one of the most incredible movies I've ever seen.  It's about a young Maori girl named Paikea Apirana and gender issues and ancestry issues and whales... we both cried for the better part of the second half of the movie, and it was generally a good crying.
Please go see it and let me know what you think of the film in the comments!  I would love to hear what you have to say about it, and if you love it as much as I do.