Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Morning Runs

It is getting to the point in the year (already!) where it's kind of scary to go running by myself in the early early morning.  At five-thirty the canyon is dark; even when I return the trees are gloomy with shadow and I find myself jumping and accelerating every time I hear a stick break or something that seems out of place.
The canyon is one of my favourite places on campus - truly, it's one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been, and to run in a wildlife reserve is a huge luxury that I don't have at home.  I love going for walks in the canyon in the daytime, to wander through the light-dappled paths after French and sit and think or read the letters that my darling sister sends me.  It is a haven from my lovely classmates and my schoolwork - and it's comforting to know that just up the rise is the library, or that I can see the blue bridge from quiet hollows where the solitude is breathtaking.
But running in the canyon when dark is fading to light is scary.  The shadows are pretty dark - sometimes you are relying on what little you can make out in the half-light and your sense of hearing (hard to do while you're listening to music) and there are times when I just want to turn around and run back the other way, back to my dorm room where I can do sit-ups or read.  Sometimes I do that, really...
Maybe this is just a sign that I have to start waiting until a little later in the morning now.  Have a lovely Wednesday!
(photo from the Reed College website)

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