Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We are approaching sweater weather...

... and I could not be more pleased about it.  Yesterday was the first real chilly day we had in Portland, and I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters (quite possibly my favourite article of clothing) and jeans and boots to my humanities conferences.  Fall is quite possibly my favourite season - I love the bite in the air, and I love hiking in the Presidential Mountains over Columbus Day Weekend and seeing the New Hampshire forests on fire.  I love apple-picking, and I love apple cider and cold morning when my father lights the fire in the woodstove in our kitchen.  This fall, I'm not sure I'll get to do or experience any of those things - here in the Pacific Northwest, fall through spring is the rainy season, and it's mainly an experience of wet, cold air, of hot coffee and hot-water bottles in bed.  I'm looking forward to this just as much: I'll go home for a week in October, so hopefully I'll get my fall in New England fix, and I'm excited to find out what fall is like here!
Anyone who has lived in the Pacific Northwest have any suggestions?

(something about this photo seemed so sweet.  From here.)

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