Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Reed

That's what they told us the first day of O-week.  Love Reed.  It's what they told us at Noise Parade when pots and pans were clanging and Homer was ringing in our ears.  It's what they tell us (in different words, occasionally) every single day.
Yesterday I hung out with people I barely knew - this upperclassman kid A in my dorm and a couple of his friends - and they were so kind to me.  I had barely met him, and then his friends were inquisitive and nice and we talked... well, about Agamemnon a bit (that's normal for Reed, trust me).  Sitting there with older upperclassman strangers, talking about Agamemnon.... that's them saying Love Reed again.  And again.
I chose a pretty great place to go to college.

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