Friday, October 7, 2011

Formal Fridays

Hello, lovely blog readers, happy weekend!
Here at Reed, we have something called "Formal Fridays."  Not everyone does it, but without fail, on my way to Humanities lecture (today we talked about Sappho) someone will be wearing elbow-length gloves or a blazer or an evening gown.  Today my friend Lisa dressed up with a ruffly Victorian shirt and top hat, and Ted wears a sports coat every week.
At my high school, a friend of mine started something called "Ironic Fridays," when he would give a theme out Thursday nights and people would dress up accordingly.  Once it was "Miami Vice," I think.
I at least love dressing up on Fridays.  Finding a pretty dress, celebrating the end of the week before basically a full weekend of studying, acting like a lady through my French classes... it's pretty incredible.
Do you have formal Fridays at your school or work?
(photo of a formal dress from here)


  1. Love this, the color palette is gorgeous!

    Have a happy weekend x

  2. Hi Bronwyn,

    Love the pretty dress and Formal Friday sounds like fun.
    Over here we have Casual Fridays, for the last Friday of the month.

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend.

  3. That is such a great idea Brownwyn, I'm going to mention at my work for Friday's, sounds like it could be lots of fun.