Monday, October 10, 2011

Middle-Earth for your Monday

The summer before my gap year we spent the summer in Switzerland, and most weekends (two weekends?  Three?), when my mother wasn't working at EPFL, we would rent a car and drive off into the countryside to go hiking.

We went to Lauterbrunen one weekend.  Tolkein used to visit Lauterbrunen - actually based Rivendell off of it - and it is the most Middle-Earth place I'd ever been.

I didn't like living in Switzerland, but I loved hiking in Lauterbrunen.  Foggy mountain mornings with waterfalls off the cliff, real alpine meadows with edelweiss and bees, the crashing waterfall I won't ever be able to forget, hiking down through twiggy forests and white bark.

Hopefully these photos make your Monday seem a bit more peaceful...

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