Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tea and Castle

Yesterday W and I, as per usual, watched Castle in the afternoon.  We sit on the floor with our backs up against the wardrobe, with the pillows from my bed and blankets tucked around us, her computer on the bed.  We generally have snacks for this ritual - generally my "emergency chocolate" - but yesterday we had tea.
In the past couple days since I've been back, I've had a bunch of people come in and ask for tea, and it's something I love to give.  Making a pot of oolong with a friend, waiting for the electric kettle to boil and then sitting at my desk, talking, is one of the things I love about Reed.  I love that my friends can come to me with problems or gossip or daily life, can come and sit in my armchair and cradle the teacup in their hands.
It's one of the things I miss about home, actually.  Over the break I remembered how much tea I actually drink - how my father brings me tea in the morning, how Caleb makes a pot or two or three when he comes home from school, how someone will inevitably put the kettle on after dinner.  People don't do that here - on the whole, the West Coast is a coffee kind of place - and it's nice to revert to the way things are at home, to make that home part of the home that is now Reed.
Thank you, W and N and A, for coming to have tea with me!

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