Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesdays are the best days...

... because of French conversation.  They used to be the worst day of the week.  Honestly - I had bio lecture at nine, and then bio lab from one until five - a little too much bio for me to handle.  It doesn't help that bio is the only class I have in the afternoon (on purpose - I like mornings) and I'm kind of taking biology to get my science requirement out of the way.  Reed has really strict distribution requirements - more on that later.
But now I have French conversation with the lovely French Scholars, in which we talk about slang and babble at each other and watch the news.  Coming out of the bio building (where we have French conversation - don't ask) at noon makes me want to skip through the drizzly Portland day, speaking French all through lunch and biology.  That class makes me miss Paris so much it's not even funny.
On the other hand, maybe Tuesday isn't the best day, as I have humanities on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  It's hard to choose when you like all your classes (yes, even bio).

(the photo is of the autumn-ey Jardin du Luxembourg in the rain.  Oooh, Paris, I miss you... from here)


  1. I wish I could speak french fluently. I got the A2 diploma but that's it. And it was 20% skills-80% pure luck, I think :P

  2. oh! and je suis ton FOLLOWER nouveau. And I know that if French Language had a voice, it would be screaming from the pain I just caused it :P

  3. Jeanne - thank you, and I bet that you're great at French!
    Alexandra - I know.... does it not remind you of that March day?