Friday, March 18, 2011

Crawling into Books

Sometimes I want to crawl into certain books (sometimes the ones that are heartbreaking, sometimes the ones with beautiful houses) and never come out.  I want to visit Edgewood of John Crowley's "Little, Big" - the house that is all styles all at once, Victorian and Tudor, the house that changes depending on where you look at it.  I want to visit Kerewin's Tower in "The Bone People" - I want to stand on her rocky South Island beach and look into the desolate Pacific (guys - read this book.  I'm not even kidding).  I want to visit the Stamper's home, determination keeping it alive against the river in "Sometimes A Great Notion" and to Never Give an Inch (if you don't understand the reference, go read the book).
And then there are days that I want to live in Rohan/the highlands of the South Island or Narnia or visit the talking flowers in Through the Looking Glass.  I want to live in Charlotte Brontë's wuthering moors and at Manderley in the Happy Valley and among the sinister rhododendrons.  I want to live on the farm in The Grass is Singing and in Lawrence Durell's Alexandria where the stones gleam in the morning with fish scales and rain.
What are the books or worlds you'd like to live in?

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